Klosterheden - indvielse af nyt kort
Lars Storper har tegnet nyt område i Klosterheden.


Two maps of Holstebro city
You can download two different maps here. Both routes start on Museumvej 2, Holstebro.

One route leads you to artwork, the other to historical locations in Holstebro.

In addition to the maps, with a smartphone you can get questions and information about each artwork/location. You can also use the questions to compete with other teams to see who knows more about art and historical locations in Holstebro. Or you can use the questions without competing with others. To start the quiz, scan the QR code in this folder and press “UWU” to post 1.

The two routes are both in central Holstebro, and accessible with for example child trolleys. The routes are between 3 and 5 kilometers. Previously some have chosen to walk the routes with their family and just find the sights they think are interesting, while others have chosen to race each other to the sights.

On you can find many more maps with routes in Denmark.


Tilknyttet fil:    history (3553 KB)

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Tilknyttet fil:    Art (3618 KB)

Tilknyttet fil:     klm (4 KB)

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